Welcome to Alameda, California, 1964. The Beatles are topping the charts, white levis, Pendeltons shirts and black Converse low tops are the style for the boys, while the girls are wearing Angora sweaters, Spaulding bucks (don't forget your powder bags), spraying their hair with Aqua Net hair spray. Crusing in your 57 Chevy BelAir, listening to KYA on the radio and driving along the San Leandro strip, visiting the White Witch in Joquin Miller Park (Oakland Hills) or hanging out at Mel's. Friday nights at Lincoln Teen Club and Saturday nights at the Alameda Theater in the balcony with Officer Tiny Hansen sitting in the top row of seats watching over us.

Remember the tamale place across the street from the high school on Oak Street, BoBo's, Ryders, Foster Freeze and their banana milk shakes, Frank's Music Store on Park Street, where we purchased our 45 records, Dorothy's Dress Shop and Walt's Men Shop on Park Street, The Alameda Deli (Golden Goose) where everyone bought lunch before they went to Park Street to buy a slice of cake at the original Bonaire Bakery. Halloween, when everyone had raw eggs and would drive around town looking for each other to toss an egg at each others car (in fun), and going to the gas station, where Paul's Produce is now located and washing their cars off. South Shore, when there was nothing out there but pavement and street lights... The Encinal Yacht Club where Mike Pond, Steve VanSicklen, Rich Williams, Bob Gorman, Carol Wehn, Sue McAuliffe, Judie Nelson, Kathie Cronin and many more, used to go sailing all summer with the song "Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Alleluia". Jeanne Adams always had a beautiful car to drive to school in and give her friends a ride. Base Teen Club! Does this bring back memories???

We would rush home after school to watch Dick Stewart's Dance Party on Channel 5 at 4 o'clock or Dick Clark's American Bandstand on ABC at 3:30. This is the class of 1964 at Alameda High School.

Our football team was lead by team captains Mickey Clark and Louie Fore. Doug Royer, Ben Vander Kooi, Pete Eierman, and Steve Worthy all played a big part in a great year. Our record was 8 wins and 1 tie and we lost the championship game to Berkeley by two missed extra points. We still clobbered our cross town rivals, Encinal 62-0. Our team was cheered on by Marty Essex, Marcie Schaeffer, Bob Gorman, Merilee Kucera and Don Carmody.

Our officers for the fall semester were Dick David as President, Gayle Nissen as Vice President, Terre Williams Recording Secretary, Judy Ellis Financial Secretary. and Pat French Head Cheerleader.

Our officers for the spring semster were Ken Duering as President, Robin Horton as Vice President, Jeanne Adams Recording Secretary, John Styles Financial Secretary and Nancy Cox Head Cheerleader.

Senior Hat and Sock Day - Does anyone remember what they wore???

We can all remember our foreign exchange student, Rudy Candia from Argentina, who lived with Dr. Babcock and his family.

We had a blast at our senior picnic at Castle Rock in Walnut Creek.

The Senior Banquet was held at the Claremont Hotel (Did anyone use the slide that night???).

Our Senior Class was the last class to celebrate their Senior Ball in the School Gym. The theme of the dance was "Gold Cotillion". The boys were dressed in tuxedos and the girls in their formals. We danced to Sugar Shack and Louie Louie. Our all night party was held at Mel's Bowling Alley.

Rumors has it the rich kids went to Lincoln, the poor kids went to Haight and the lucky ones went to Porter (the school in the middle), Something to think about!

After 40 years, does everyone still hate the quality of our yearbook!!!!

Is Mary Cuoco still the shortest and is Dick David still the tallest?

This was our year.

If you have any memories that you would like to share with your fellow classmates, email donna (Butler) Moore at bmoore@pacbell.net


Remembering Alameda High 1964